GreeneWorks connects social analysis with institutional priorities to health and development outcomes.

Margaret Greene worked with economist Thomas Merrick to develop the business case for investing in research on adolescent access to contraception. This research was supported by a donor network, the Alliance for Reproductive, Maternal and Newborn Health.

  • GreeneWorks convenes a Child Marriage Research Network to bring together organizations working to end child marriage and to promote a focus on girls and gender equality. The working papers can be found here.
  • GreeneWorks supported Girls Not Brides on the development of Theory of Change on Child Marriage, a diagram that demonstrates the range of approaches needed to address child marriage and how they intersect. a theory of change for use by its global membership. This tool maps out the types of approaches needed to address child marriage and help social change artists understand how their work contributes to ending child marriage and to form the basis for discussions of shared indicators across the 450+ members. The theory of change can be downloaded here.
  • Margaret Greene and Andrew Levack of EngenderHealth co-authored Synchronizing Gender Strategies: A Cooperative Model for Gender Transformation highlighting the need to work with both men and women to transform the gender inequalities undermining health for the Interagency Gender Working Group.