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Case Study

Doing Well By Doing Good:
Supporting Women Farmers Strengthens The Supply Chain And MARS Corporate Sustainability Efforts

Challenge: MARS Inc, one of the world’s largest purveyors of chocolate, aspires to upholiding the principle of mutuality into all of its operations, allowing all to benefit from the corporation’s success. Their community development program in Cote d’Ivoire, Vision for Change (V4C), was working locally to promote sustainable agricultural practices and share farming techniques and materials in support of as smallholder farmers. But a critical assessment by Oxfam demonstrated that women were being sidelined by MARS’s programs. 

MARS turned to GreeneWorks for help.

Solution: GreeneWorks conducted field visits to observe V4C program operations, interviewed community members and staff, and examined project documents to get a picture of what might be strengthened. The team's gender assessment revealed that women, who were providing 45% of the labor required for cocoa production, were not benefitting from V4C. This was because program staff and male community members did not view women as “farmers” as they are often kept by common law from owning land; as a consequence, they were not receiving the training or access to inputs that the men were, nor did they have equal access to membership in cocoa cooperatives. MARS made the assessment, A Sustainable, Thriving Cocoa Sector for Future Generations, public and issued a statement articulating their plans to address the challenges identified in the report.