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Adolescent girls face lives that are ruled by management of their sexuality.
~ from GreeneWorks CEO Margaret Greene and her colleagues in a new essay, The Centrality of Sexuality for Understanding Child, Early, and Forced Marriage  

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The [USAID] redesign must not be used as a pretext to cut back our engagement or aid; neither should increased effectiveness and efficiency be used as an excuse for slashing resource levels. Rather, the guiding question for redesign efforts should be "How do we do more good work, more efficiently, and more sustainably?" ~ In September 2017 GreeneWorks joined colleagues in a statement to the US Agency for International Development about the Trump Administration's re-design. 
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          Building capacity to address gender and gender-based violence in HIV prevention in Mozambique: new from
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Watch the films, explore the findings from a 2016 event where we engaged bodies & minds to explore the child marriage - control of girls' sexuality link