A Perforum Workshop: Let's Talk About Sex

The belief that child, early, and forced marriage is driven by the desire to control girls’ sexuality was the organizing principle of this 2016 event.

In collaboration with American Jewish World Service we worked with BodyWise Dance to engage participants' head and heart on these essential issues. The dancers used a technique called moving pictures to demonstrate multiple tensions between girls, families, and communities. Through these short films and writings, we seek to widen the audience of the perforum and share the knowledge beyond the four walls of the room. 


  • Music/Dance/Sharing Video - A 7-minute intro 
  • Speaker/Dancer clips - See speakers discuss projects with synchronous dance performance
    • Brazil | Instituto Fernandes Figueira/FIOCRUZ's Marcos Nascimento explains his guy-to-guy research approaches to increase awareness of binary gender stereotypes
    • Guatemala | Population Council’s Alejandra Colom describes Abriendo Oportunidades, the effort she leads to prevent early marriages/unions among indigenous girls 
    • Global | IWHC's Rachel Jacobson lays out strategies for advocating at the UN level and ways the UN is working to address child marriage globally 
    • India | Nirantar Center for Gender and Education's Archana Dwivedi discusses the strict gender roles and entrenched inequality at the core of marriage norms, caste and class hierarchies 
    • India | Vikalp Sansthan's Usha Choudry recounts violence her organization’s mentors faced in some Rajasthani communities until girls testified openly about the program’s benefits
    • Lebanon | ABAAD's Anthony Keedi spoke about how child marriage is exacerbated by the humanitarian crisis of Syrians refugees
    • Nepal CARE Nepal’s Tipping Point team Ayushma Basnyat and Nidal Karim were joined by their partner Dhana Kumari Chowdhury from SSS to demonstrate scenarios showing the tight regulation of young women in their communities
  • Comprehensive Overview - Want to hear all the stories and see how the event worked holistically?  Check out this one-hour overview.